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These are a set of soft skills program customised and delivered in a very interesting way in keeping with the latest in training methodology and need of the audience. We have modules for the following programs:

 Team work
 Don't worry be happy
 Personal Grooming and etiquette
 Analysing individuals: From body language and psychometrics to graphology
Self defence : Its a predominantly physical program with practical sessions and guidance by experienced self defence trainers specially aligned towards women participants

Professional development and empowerment of women are the key areas of the workshop. The workshop would include the following:

 Opportunities and strategies for successful job search including resume making
 5 keys to interview success
 Social media as a vehicle for job search and details of various companies and their hiring programmes
 Opportunities as a professional with details of options and success strategies
 Opportunities in business and entrepreneurship

This programme aims at covering the following areas:

 opportunities as a professional in the field of finance with details of options
 how to start a business
 overcome the initial hiccups and be successful as an entrepreneur

The workshop is conducted by very experienced professionals and first generation successful entrepreneurs.

The aim of this program is to provide gainful and precise information to students about career options beyond the 3 C's (CA, Cost and CS). Many new age programs have been introduced in the last few years in the field of commerce and finance and this workshop aims to ignite the interest in students to find out more about them as well as clear their doubts with experts from the relevant fields.