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Career Guidance

Students aren't always able to make right decisions about their careers. Friends, family and media can influence them to make the wrong choice. We understand that the right career is the key to a happy and successful life. This programme provides a complete guidance to the student and their parents by chalking out a career path for them, clearing their doubts about the different courses and careers.

We assist student at the various levels:

  Students of IX and X:

We help them in choosing the right stream in class XI and right combination of subjects, and while doing so we take into account not only their academic performance but also their interest, personality and aptitude and family background.

  Students of XI and XII:

We guide them with complete information about the admission process of various colleges/institutes. We help them explore various career options after Class XII as well as give them information about the entrance exam preparation. Career Experts would help them choose the colleges, courses, as well as subject combination, along with activating their back-up career plans.

  Our Career Guidance Processes:

 Psychometric Assessments :

Psychometric assessments of each student will be conducted. Psychometric assessments and Background form fill-up will take about 1 and 1/2 hours.

 Career Report Distributions and Group Counselling :

Each student will receive her/his individual report which will consist of assessment results and career chart.
Page1: Interest-motives,
Page2: Personality,
Page3: Career Plan
They will be able to interpret their own report.

Open House Session:
Students will be asking questions to the Career Experts to solve all their queries like Why this career, Why not something else, How to reach my goal, What more I need to do, What colleges, Any subject related issues, Any attention/behavioral issues etc.

  Career Workshops:

Aim of these workshops would be to enlighten the students about various career options in science/commerce/humanities and other off beat careers. They would be conducted by subject matter experts who have domain knowledge and industry experience. These workshops will give them a complete idea about various viable career options.

  Individual Counselling:

Students who have opted for individual counselling will meet the Expert on one to one basis at scheduled time along with their parents. All career and behavioral queries of the students as well as their parents will be taken care of. This can be done at our centre in Townshend Road or in school premises. If they need any assistance or information after counselling session they would be able to reach us without any extra charges.

  Complete Career Guidance:

Students of Class XII could avail this programme. It would include group and individual counselling along with the guidance with the colleges, the various entrance exams, the admissions dates etc. It would also include Handwriting Analysis of the students to get the details of the personality. Students opting for this would get two more sessions with our Career Expert, one after their Board Exams and another after the Results. The sessions would help them in exploring alternative career options, get guidance on Entrance Exam preparation, choice of colleges, subject combination and activation of back up plan.

  Academic enhancement

With increasing competition and the constant need to fare better, we understand that it is becoming very important for students to score well in Examinations. Our Academic Enhancement sessions intend on making the students academically efficient. Our Experts address the issues faced by the students and suggests ways to rise above it. Assistance is provided to improve their scores, sharpen their focus and enhance their overall efficiency.

  Life Skill Enhancement

Academic performance alone doesn't help a student with their careers. To become successful, one needs to be confident, with good communication skills and a genial personality. Out of the box thinking, a good memory and leadership qualities are a few of the other traits one needs to possess in order to be on the top. Our Life Skill Enhancement sessions intends to build in these qualities in them.

  Parental Workshop

Efficient and accomplished children are raised by thoughtful and competent parents. These workshops aim at that. We understand how difficult it is to be a parent and believe that lending our hand could be helpful. The workshop enriches and empowers the parents by addressing their queries, suggesting the right way to guide their children and be the support that their children need in order to flourish and be successf